Kathleen and Chrisween

Chapter 4

Surreal Battle Carnage Rage

Avon and Chrisween reached the outskirts of Wilton to see it, lying ripped open its insides displayed, dismembered bodies convulsing, moaning cries, lamenting the violent assault, a den of stench, flame and smoke.
The clamor of knights, clad in shining armor, raced thundering chargers, past the burning rubble, ignoring the pleading of wounded and dying mangled corpse; bearing down on the berserker’s front.
Wilton’s survivors flee wailing of grief, their life’s hope waning, tread the bloody carnage seeking the protection of Sarisberie’s arriving knights.
Avon and Chrisween press on fighting into the blazing ruins of Wilton they find the sheriff mortally wounded and dying. Avon stops to render aid while, Chrisween checks the courtyard of a small farmhouse finding the remains of the farmer and his wife.
Kathleen hiding in a grove of trees views the scene telepathically through Chrisween’s eyes, she; sees her home burning and her parents dismember bodies lying in pools of blood dead. The insight ravages her being, vaulting shards of anguish tearing at her soul, arrow of disbelief, pierce her heart. She screams a plea at Joro to restore her parents, wails a lone sorrowful resounding cry.
Joro answers reverberates the emptying howl amplifying broadcasting over the field of the battle.  
Tormented, Kathleen’s being explodes from her captivity to embody Chrisween shell. Chrisween screams her lifeless body fall on Kathleen’s father’s remains.
Thor watching, enjoying the battle sees Kathleen leave the She: Angered by this breach, he rages the tempest, demanding her return.
Joro speaks for Kathleen’s grief seeking justice and revenge for her.
Ceding to Joro’s plea; Thor strikes his hammer sending bolts of lighting, sending three berserkers to Hades.
Kathleen reluctantly returns to the she, She; bolts from cover to her parent’s side and Chrisween.
Avon is straighten by the howling of Kathleen and, Chrisween’s scream he sees Chrisween fall. Fearing the worst he runs to Chrisween, pulling up short because of Kathleen’s low protective growl. “It’s ok lass, I going to help her” Avon speaks softly. Bending down he picking up Chrisween. He carries her to the well gently laying her down to draw water. Kneeling besides her rips the tail of his blouse off, wetting it and begins washing the blood from her face, Chrisween slowly coming around saying “my papa.”
 “do you be hurt any where?”Ask Avon
“No but… my papa my mama they’re…”
Tear rolling down her cheeks. She sits up, Avon holds her gently her saying “You know you be a mighty pretty lass and quite a fighter.” trying to easy her suffering.
Sir Erick showed up at the well for a drink,
“Highlander, are you and the lady, ok?”
“Yes we be fine” Avon start to stand and; Sir Erick lends them a hand.
“The sheriff is dead, and the knights press the battle to the north.” And then he sees Kathleen.
 “There is a wolf arm yourself.”
“Heel your sword. It be ok. She be me lady’s pet”
The three of them walked over to the bodies of Kathleen’s parents, Avon’s arm around Chrisween. Chrisween bent down taking hold of the handle of the ax lying next to Kathleen’s father. Glancing at Kathleen, Chrisween ax in hand turns away, and then bolts into a run, Kathleen growling following in her footsteps, to the battle, she charged. Leaving Avon and Erick standing like fence posts.
Recovering from their shock Avon and Erick charged after her. After half a mile Chrisween is spent drained of energy she tumbles to the ground.  Erick had dropout of the race after a quarter mile; Avon, arriving from twenty paces behind drops beside her and cradles her in his arms. Sitting there looking off in the distance a mile or two they see the glow of a fire spreads across the northern horizons. The sun set cools the day. They rest silently, falling fast asleep.
Sir Erick found them Just as, a knight ride up, his horse prancing; he reports,
“The Viking set fire to the fields blocking us, but they are in retreat.”
“What of those two?”                                                                                       
“they’re ok just sleeping, they’re played out.” said Erick.
“I will stay with them and stand guard. Do you have any food and water to spare?”
“Here some dried meat and bread and a jug of wine, it’s yours. I’m off to join the others”
“Thank you. God go with you.”
Erick could hear the howling, growling of the wolf and screams searing the hush of the evening.

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